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Ralf Schwarzer, Gerdamarie S. Schmitz, & Manfred Diehl, 2000

  1. It is often days before I get around to doing things that I wanted to do right away.
  2. I begin each day with a clear picture of what I want to achieve for that day.  (–)
  3. I frequently complete tasks earlier than is required.  (–)
  4. I often take on things which I then end up not doing.
  5. When it comes to putting my plans into action I am disciplined.  (–)
  6. Tasks that still have not been completed worry me.
  7. I manage to organize my day in such a way that by evening I feel I have carried out the most important jobs.  (–)
  8. I don't allow the most important things in my life to become "buried" in everday stress.  (–)
  9. I often have a guilty conscience because I know that I put things off.
  10. If I have written a letter, it can sometimes be lying around for days before I mail it.

Note: (–) indicates the item has to be reversed.
Response format: (1) not at all true, (2) barely true, (3) moderately true, (4) exactly true
This test may only be used by scientists or for private purpose.

In a sample of N = 111 subjects the mean was found to be M = 25.70, SD = 4.72. The scale yielded a Cronbach’s Alpha of .72.