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Environmental Worry

Rosemarie Bowler, & Ralf Schwarzer,  1991

  1. I get easily upset when thinking about poisons in my environment.
  2. I experience bodily symptoms that may be related to chemicals in my environment at home or at school.
  3. I don´t worry about being hurt by chemicals.
  4. The image of being poisoned often pops into my mind.
  5. I don´t mind living in polluted environments because I am confident that I won´t get hurt.
  6. I feel worried about toxic effects on my body which might result in losing some of my intellectual abilities.
  7. I have never really worried about water pollution.
  8. I wonder whether there is radon or other dangerous substances in my house.
  9. I feel frightened when I think of all the toxic waste dumps in the world.
  10. I fear there will be a major nuclear accident or nuclear war in the near future.
  11. Many people tend to overreact to the threat of environmental toxins.
  12. I would not mind working in an office or plant built with asbestos or other possibly dangerous materials.     
  13. I have relaxed about environmental poisons because science always seems to succeed in providing  remedies.
  14. Poor memory can be a direct result of too much exposure to chemicals.
  15. Toxic waste is a smaller problem than the media make it out to be.
  16. Being exposed to most chemicals for a long time does not cause serious diseases.
  17. People who handle chemicals are not at an increased health risk.

Response format: (1) not at all true, (2) barely true, (3) moderately true, (4) exactly true
This test may only be used by scientists or for private purpose.


Bowler, R. M., & Schwarzer, R. (1991). Environmental anxiety: Assessing emotional distress and concerns after toxin exposure. Anxiety Research, 4, 167-180.